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Cape Cod Biofuels is a small, locally owned and operated company serving the Cape and South Shore. Founded in 2007, we recycle cooking oil from local restaurants into environmentally-friendly biodiesel used to heat local homes and power commercial fleets. That means that the oil we collect stays right here in the local community! So whether you’re a home owner, a small business owner or a restaurant, you can help green up Massachusetts and put money back in your wallet by partnering with Cape Cod Biofuels today.


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We deliver B30/B40 Renewable Liquid Heating Fuel to residential homes on the Cape and Plymouth County. We offer fast, reliable service with the lowest fuel prices in the region. Through our automatic delivery program, we offer the convenience of not having to watch your fuel usage.  We also offer a Wireless Tank Monitor that allows you to track your tank level from your smartphone free to our Automatic Delivery customers.  Will Call customers can purchase the tank monitor for a nominal cost.  Plumbing, Heating and HVAC service to all of our customers.

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Commercial & Marine

At Cape Cod Biofuels, we offer B99, B50, and B20 ultra low sulfur biodiesel blends. We offer On road and off road fueling based on our customers needs. Our reliable fleet will come to directly to you or you can choose to stop by the pump at Cape Cod Biofuels, 14B Sebastian Drive in Sandwich, MA.

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We provide cooking oil solutions for restaurants, caterers and food providers of all sizes on the Cape and Plymouth County. We currently partner with more than seven hundred establishments to provide efficient waste oil collection and cost effective fresh oil delivery.  Plumbing, Heating and HVAC service to all of our restaurant partners.

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    We are the only ASTM-certified producer of biodiesel in Massachusetts, meaning our biodiesel blends have passed all government standards. We’re a small, forward-thinking company dedicated to supporting our local community and providing friendly service. At the same time, we proudly offer the dependability and cost savings of a much larger company. Please take part in our efforts to make a positive environmental impact here on Cape Cod and the South Shore!

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