Cape Cod Biofuels

Locally owned and operated. Friendly. Efficient.

Cape Cod Biofuels is a small, locally owned and operated company serving the Cape and South Shore. Founded in 2007, we recycle cooking oil from local restaurants into environmentally-friendly biodiesel used to heat local homes and power commercial fleets. That means that the oil we collect stays right here in the local community! So whether you’re a home owner, a small business owner or a restaurant, you can help green up Massachusetts and put money back in your wallet by partnering with Cape Cod Biofuels today.

Our services include:

  • Delivery of biodiesel to residential homes for home heating. Biodiesel is more efficient and less expensive than conventional oil.
  • Biodiesel for commercial trucking or marine fleets. Pump at our plant or let us deliver it to you.
  • Grease collection and fresh oil delivery for restaurants and food providers.

We are the only ASTM-certified producer of biodiesel in Massachusetts, meaning our biodiesel blends have passed all government standards. We’re a small, forward-thinking company dedicated to supporting our local community and providing friendly service. At the same time, we proudly offer the dependability and cost savings of a much larger company. Please take part in our efforts to make a positive environmental impact here on Cape Cod and the South Shore!